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GxP Image Management

In the field of drug development, every image holds significance. However, scientific images often remain underutilized within laboratory settings. These intricate images, crucial for groundbreaking discoveries, necessitate specialized software and robust computing power to realize their full potential. IMAGE+, an innovative add-on for the neuronOS platform, aims to revolutionize the way you capture, manage, and evaluate your scientific images, ensuring they contribute effectively to your research just like any other data file.

Empowering Features of IMAGE+

🔍 Enhanced Visualization

Integrated directly into the neuronOS platform, IMAGE+ provides exceptional display capabilities that simplify viewing and analyzing scientific images.

📝 Annotations Control

With IMAGE+, your team can incorporate valuable insights directly onto images without altering the original file. This maintains data integrity while facilitating collaborative review and discussion.

🔬 Quality Assurance Workflow

Our dedicated quality check workflow enables thorough examination of images to ensure that only those meeting stringent criteria are utilized for decision-making.

📊 Metadata Management

IMAGE+ facilitates easy management and referencing of native metadata, including EXIF information. This adds a layer of detail and context to each image.

🔄 Picture Stream Display Technology

Seamlessly navigate through large volumes of images with our picture stream display technology, making complex image review processes more efficient and user-friendly.

the key benefits

Why Choose IMAGE+


Tailored to seamlessly integrate with the neuronOS platform, providing a unified and user-friendly experience.

Data Integrity

Enhances data through annotations and reviews without compromising the original image, ensuring its integrity is maintained.

Meta Data

Every feature, from quality checks to metadata management, is crafted to optimize your workflow effectively.


Empower Decision-Making by improving image accessibility and analysis capabilities, make informed decisions based on compelling visual evidence.

Start Using IMAGE+ Today

Enhance your scientific research with IMAGE+, the premier tool for unlocking the full potential of your imaging data. Reach out to us for more information or to schedule a demonstration, and witness firsthand how IMAGE+ can revolutionize your scientific image management.