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Revolutionizing GxP Data Management

WATCH+ is not just a software product; it's a comprehensive solution designed to meet the specific needs of scientific laboratories. By automating and enriching the process of GxP data archiving, WATCH+ ensures compliance, enhances data integrity, and supports the scientific community in its quest for innovation. Embrace the future of scientific data management with WATCH+.

Key Features of WATCH+

Automatic Transfer and Data Enrichment

WATCH+ simplifies the complex process of data management by automatically transferring raw data from on-premise systems to archives without manual intervention. It further enriches this data through intelligent capture of metadata from both the file and its path, seamlessly storing it into neuronOS in a fully compliant manner.

Flexible Configuration Options

Recognizing that every laboratory has unique needs, WATCH+ offers flexible configuration options. This allows for precise capture of data and metadata according to specific requirements, ensuring that your data management process is as efficient as possible.

Source Destination Approach

Our innovative source destination approach ensures systematic transfer and archiving of data while maintaining the integrity and structure of valuable information. This method guarantees secure organization that facilitates easy access and compliance with regulatory standards.

Automatic Metadata Enrichment

With WATCH+, metadata enrichment is no longer a tedious manual process. Our software automatically enriches your data with relevant metadata, enhancing the value and usability of archived information. This feature ensures that your stored data is ready for analysis and review.

Active Watching & Polling Interval

WATCH+ actively monitors your systems with customizable polling intervals to ensure prompt identification and processing of new or modified data. This active watching mechanism guarantees up-to-date archives without any gaps in capturing essential information.

Touch File Logic for Transfer

Our touch file logic ensures that only ready-to-transfer files are processed, preventing incomplete transfers while safeguarding the quality & reliability of your archive's content.

Growing File Capture Prevention

To prevent archiving incomplete files prematurely, WATCH+ incorporates growing file capture prevention measures to ensure full write completion before archiving takes place.

Hash Calculation Logic

WATCH+ employs hash calculation logic to verify transferred-data integrity using cryptographic hash functions—providing an additional layer security during transfer processes.

Multiple Version Creation with Change Reason

Understanding dynamic scientific nature requires support for multiple versions creation along with specified change reasons—ensuring comprehensive version control documenting evolution meticulously.

the key benefits

Why Choose WATCH+

Seamless Data Integration

Automatically transfer and enrich data directly from on-premise systems to archives, ensuring a hassle-free, compliant process.

Customizable Configuration

Tailor WATCH+ to meet your unique data capture and metadata requirements, enhancing efficiency and compliance.

Advanced Data Protection

Incorporates hash calculation and growing file capture prevention to safeguard data integrity during transfer.


Intelligent Version Control

Easily manage data evolution with automatic versioning and detailed change logs, ensuring traceability and compliance.


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