Raw Data Archiving

Raw data is an essential component of any research conducted by scientists. It is composed of raw information collected by various detection techniques, including, but not limited to, microscopy, chromatography, and spectroscopy. At biomedion, we understand the importance of preserving raw data in its original format, as mandated by USFDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11 and other data integrity guidelines. Maintaining security and integrity of raw data is essential for accurate and reliable results.

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The pharmaceutical industry is actively exploring our technologies to solve real-world problems of data consistency, integrity, and governance.

With our advanced raw data archiving and storage technology, our proprietary software assists researchers in archiving and protecting the raw data, ensuring that data is secure and can be retrieved quickly. Our software eliminates manual processes and eliminates the risk of corruption and mismanagement of data.

We also offer comprehensive consultation and training to ensure researchers fully understand how to store and access raw data in a secure manner. Our advanced security protocols also provide industry-leading data protection, preventing unauthorized access.

At biomedion, we are proud to offer our researchers the highest standards of raw data archiving, storage and security. Our advanced technology ensures researchers with long-term access to invaluable raw data that is secure, accurate and well-protected.

SaaS solution neuronOS® is your trusted gear for scientific data in healthcare, medical research and pharmaceutical development 

...maintaining an intelligent GxP data supply chain from the very first bit until long-term archiving.

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