Capture GxP Data

Acquire raw or source data through machines, interfacing APIs and form-based manual inputs. 

Manage Data Retention 

Each data element in the life cycle has an intended and controlled time to live. Regulations and processes determine the storage and access at any point in time, from creation over many stages towards the long-term archiving and finally the deletion.

Review and Enrich Data

Along the lifecycle of data assets and documents value grows through aggregation of information if not synthesis of information, knowledge and insights from machine learning.

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Compliance F.A.I.R / ALCOA+

neuronOS fullfil the F.A.I.R & ALCOA+ principles


neuronOS and the hybrid archiving functionality On-Premise and Cloud offers the possibility to archive data flexible and thus reduce the costs for Long-Term archiving

AI enablement

By adhering to the F.A.I.R principles, the Customer has the opportunity to use the processed data in neuronOS for Training AI Models in order to obtain greater benefit from the generated data and, among other benefits to make predictions.

User benefits

Easy and scalable configuration of Agent to Monitor Laboratory devices. Reduce efforts to find the data by tagging the data with relevant Metadata Tracability of all data to a specific e.g. Project of study.

Workflow Management

Starting pre defined Workflows through montoring processes on lab Instruments to e.g. Approve the archiving of Instrument data.

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What is WATCH+?

WATCH+ is advanced software for GxP data archiving in scientific settings, automating data transfer and enrichment to ensure compliance.

How does WATCH+ automate data transfer?

It transfers raw data without manual input, enriching it by capturing metadata from files and paths, and stores everything compliantly in neuronOS.

What are WATCH+'s key features?

  • Automatic data and metadata transfer
  • Flexible configuration for data capture
  • Active monitoring and customizable polling
  • Prevention of incomplete file transfer
  • Secure hash calculation for data integrity
  • Management of multiple data versions

Can WATCH+ handle complex images?

Yes, it efficiently manages scientific images, facilitating easy sharing and analysis, regardless of complexity.

Is WATCH+ compliant with GxP regulations?

Yes, it ensures all transferred and stored data meets GxP standards, making it suitable for regulated scientific environments.

How does WATCH+ support decision-making?

By simplifying data sharing and discussion, WATCH+ enables quicker, more informed decisions based on reliable visual evidence.

What security features does WATCH+ offer?

It includes hash calculation to verify data integrity and prevent tampering, ensuring secure data management.

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What is IMAGE+?

IMAGE+ is a software add-on designed for GxP data archiving in scientific environments, facilitating the capture, management, and review of scientific images with ease and efficiency.

How does IMAGE+ integrate with neuronOS?

IMAGE+ is specifically designed to display pictures within the neuronOS platform, utilizing its advanced features for enhanced image management and review processes.

Can I add annotations to images without altering the original file?

Yes, IMAGE+ offers Stnotations Control that allows users to add annotations directly onto images without making any changes to the original file, preserving data integrity.

What quality control features does IMAGE+ offer?

It includes a quality check workflow that ensures each image meets the required standards of clarity and detail essential for scientific analysis.

How does IMAGE+ handle metadata?

IMAGE+ enables the management of native metadata (EXIF), making it simpler to organize and search through your image data based on various parameters.

What is Picture Stream Display Technology?

This technology revolutionizes how images are viewed and shared within the platform, facilitating smoother discussion and collaboration on visual data.

Who can benefit from using IMAGE+?

Scientific facilities, laboratories, and research institutions involved in drug development and other scientific investigations will find IMAGE+ particularly beneficial for managing complex imaging data.

How does IMAGE+ enhance the value of scientific images?

By making complex images easily manageable, shareable, and reviewable, IMAGE+ ensures that visual data contributes effectively to research discussions, decision-making, and evidence-based conclusions.

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