In agile organizations AI and machine learning can only be effective as the underpinning data landscape.
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Quality Audit Management

Increasing complexity and continuous changes in the regulatory environment push organizations to seek a more holistic and highly integrated approach ...

Drug Discovery High Content Screening

High-content screening (HCS), also known as high-content analysis (HCA) or cellomics, is a method that is used in early development stages and drug discovery to ...

Quality Change Control

Change management is specifically designed to evaluate, redesign, and implement new business processes, where processes are defined in standard operating procedures ...

Quality CAPA Management

To understand how to achieve quality in a regulated industry, you need to know that corrective and preventative actions (CAPA) are essential elements of of quality management ...

Quality SOP Management

Life science organizations developing or manufacturing pharmaceutical products will typically create, maintain and execute large amounts of standard operational procedures ...

Quality Training Management

Post implementation training services relate often to process changes. With arivis training services implementations are ready for success. The neuronOS Learning Management System ...

Drug Discovery Image Annotation

With the development of diagnostic imaging devices, large amounts of digital high-res and 3D images are generated every day. The requirements of effective indexing and searching image ...

Drug Discovery CRO Collaboration

The last few years have seen tremendous consolidation in both the pharmaceutical and contract research industries. The impact among pharma companies has created a heightened demand for ...

Non-Clinical Remote Image Analysis

Imaging data in diagnostics and research is growing at an unprecedented rate, coming from all kinds of sources. The con-focal and high-resolution microscopy, artificial intelligence ...

Regulatory Inspection Management
Regulatory agencies conduct routine inspections during active studies. In this case, documentation must be available and complete, ensuring that the study was conducted following the protocol ...
Regulatory Raw Data Management

A clear understanding of how RAW DATA is defined, recorded, and retained in the laboratory record is essential when it comes to compliance with the GLP regulations ...

Regulatory Deviations

The management of deviations is not just a GMP concept, it spans the entire product life-cycle, including Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Clinical Practices ...

Clinical eTMF & Archiving

To comply with regulatory government policies, clinical research organizations need to keep records of essential documents that are stored in the trial master files (TMF). The TMF allows independent auditors and regulatory authorities to monitor and evaluate the quality of the data produced by a clinical study.



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The broad concept of “biotechnology” or also known as "BioTech" encompasses a wide range of procedures. The global market for the biotechnology market is primarily driven by technologies like DNA sequencing, nano-biotechnology, tissue engineering and regeneration, cell-based assay, PCR technology, and others. Explore the flexible solutions for emerging BioTech



The pharmaceutical industry develops drugs or devices to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent diseases. Pharmaceutical companies produce both generic and branded drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs are subjected to various laws and regulations that deal with patenting, testing, safety, efficacy and marketing. Pharmaceutical drugs are intended for human or veterinary use presented in their finished dosage form. Learn more about the Process excellence of biomedion in Big Pharma.



A contract research organization (CRO) is a company that offers services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. These companies partner with various companies and organize and conduct clinical trials to test the new molecule before obtaining approval. Contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) offer manufacturing services, with volume capabilities ranging from small amounts for preclinical R&D to larger volumes necessary for clinical trial purposes and commercialization. See how biomedion enables functional service provision with CROs.



A contract manufacturing organization (CMO) is an organization that serves the pharmaceutical industry and provides clients with comprehensive services, from drug development to manufacturing. Outsourcing to a CMO allows the pharmaceutical clients to expand their technical resources, without increased overhead. Arivis offers solid solutions for contract manufacturing.


GLP Laboratory

Third-Party Laboratories for GLP Testing, contract testing laboratories. Pharmaceutical manufacturers contract out any quality control testing, will need a licensed laboratory, certified as a GMP or GLP. The GLP laboratories are designed to protect scientific data integrity, and to provide the EPA or FDA with a clear and auditable record of open-ended research studies. With a biomedion you are committed to integrity with contract testing laboratories.


Diagnostic Microscopy

Microscopes have enabled researchers to conduct in-depth academic and exploratory research. The biomedical research and engineering sector is driving innovation by microscopy techniques to produce better and more informative images of cellular functions, including internal images of cells.