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from the very first bit until long-term archiving

Biomedion's neuronOS as the preferred gear for your data

neuronOS is the trusted gear for scientific data for the healthcare, medical research and pharmaceutical environment - Maintaining an intelligent data supply chain from the very first bit until long-term archiving. The pharmaceutical industry is actively exploring our technologies to solve real-world problems of data consistency, integrity and governance.

Such neuronOS® applications as iRAW, iPQM, iTMF and iRCS represent our portfolio reaching in various phases of the life sciences life cycle.


You build up from processes and their data up to the functional services: And then combine those data driven "micro services" into more complex applications.

With this change in paradigm – away from tightly coupled applications that focus on the user interface –neuronOS® exposes the underlying business functions as well connected services which can leverage complexity in nearly every process landscape in the life science industry. Drug Discovery, Non-Clinical, Clinical, Regulatory, Post-Approval

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biomedion’s NeuronOS®, provides the gear for a vast amount of data - from your Cloud to the Edge, or just hybrid.

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Do you monitor the file storage of your laboratory device?

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neuronOS® comes with a scalable, modular architecture, with an emphasis on GxP compliance and native raw-data capabilities.  This enables modern enterprises to leverage their growing assets within and across the borders of their organization. biomedion’s truly metadata-driven platform neuronOS® is capable of handling the future.

neuronOS® leverages a universal access to all your data, with next-generation data transfers, collaboration capabilities and governance. 

With neuronOS® you can easily go the extra mile in data governance and become a truly compliant data organization.


Functional areas can be arranged as a hierarchy of processes, so that certain areas can be broken into interacting sub-processes. An efficient process landscape directly adds value to an organization.



Mockup Sub Processes
Based on our new Low Code compliance platform

Delivering Value

  • Visualization & collaboration
  • Trust compliance confidentiality
  • Customer experience
  • Operational outcomes
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Improve Excellence in Pharmaceutical Development Processes

Auditing is a vital function within a pharmaceutical company nowadays. Quality audit is a review and evaluation of all or part of a quality system with the specific purpose of improving it. A quality audit is usually conducted by external or independent experts or by a team designated by management for this purpose. These audits can be extended to suppliers and contractors as well. An audit will assess the strengths and weaknesses of quality assurance and quality assurance processes.

Auditing is a basic capacity inside a pharmaceutical organization. It furnishes the board with data about how adequately the organization controls the quality of their procedures and items. Auditors must play out their occupations capability to guarantee their organization's consistence with pharmaceutical USFDA GMP guidelines and other quality standard like ICH Q10. 



Creating value with agile application configuration

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Agile software development principles for the neuronOS® platform and imaging products using SCRUM and DevOps to enable truly continuous development cycles. Our customer and market-centric product management is facilitated by subject matter experts as product owners. With the neuronOS® platform, our customers are able to build cloud-based and data driven intelligence which underpin faster development, smart decisions with end-to-end compliance.






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