Beyond Just Trial Master File Management

Easy, Secure, Remote.

Are you under a lot of pressure right now? Feeling overwhelmed with tedious paperwork or trying to figure out how to use complicated software? 

To comply with regulatory government policies, clinical research organizations need to keep records of essential documents that are stored in the trial master files (TMF). The TMF allows independent auditors and regulatory authorities to monitor and evaluate the quality of the data produced by a clinical study. Trial master files can represent a significant challenge in a clinical trial environment, especially if it relies on paper-based systems.


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Due to the global nature of clinical trials and the large volume of artifacts, the collaboration between stakeholders seems almost impossible. 

Besides, it may be difficult to ensure regulatory compliance thought all the phases of the trial, to recover missing data, and to track the status of document submissions or follow up. All of this is a formula for disaster. 

When there's no room for error, you must be able to readily access TMF files to make the best-informed clinical decisions.





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