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How to comply with OECD Guidelines about GLP 2024

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We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest case study on the best practices and compliance strategies under the updated OECD Guidelines regarding Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

This white paper, rooted in the extensive experience of biomedion GmbH, provides an in-depth exploration of the evolving data management requirements in laboratory settings, crucial for maintaining the highest standards of data integrity and reliability.

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Why is this important?

Key Highlights of the Case Study:

Comprehensive Definitions and Standards: The paper offers detailed definitions and standards for managing both static and dynamic electronic records, addressing common questions and clarifying the requirements for compliance under the OECD's GLP framework.

  1. Lifecycle of Data Management: From data capture on lab equipment to long-term archiving, the study illustrates a complete data lifecycle, emphasizing the importance of each phase in ensuring data integrity and compliance.
  2. Advanced Data Management Tools: Introducing neuronOS®, biomedion GmbH's innovative platform designed to manage complex data workflows with minimal manual intervention. The platform supports various data formats and ensures compliance through robust audit trails and metadata management.
  3. Specialized Solutions for Image Data: The study also touches on specialized solutions like IMAGE+, a multi-format image viewer integrated within neuronOS® to facilitate the review and consultation of image data, ensuring they meet GLP standards.

This case study is a must-read for organizations aiming to enhance their laboratory data management systems to comply with rigorous international standards. It not only reaffirms the necessity of adopting structured data management practices but also demonstrates biomedion GmbH’s commitment to innovation and excellence in this field.