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Introducing neuronOS®: Revolutionizing Data Management in Life Sciences

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biomedion GmbH is excited to announce the launch of neuronOS®, our cutting-edge SaaS platform designed to transform data management across the entire life sciences lifecycle. As the volume of raw data in research and development grows exponentially, neuronOS® offers a sophisticated solution that not only meets but anticipates the needs of modern pharmaceutical development.

Product Leaflet neuronOS®

Why is this important?

Key Features of neuronOS®:

  • Data Integrity and Compliance: Ensures compliance with rigorous standards such as cGMP and ALCOA+, preparing your data for internal audits and regulator inspections with full traceability from data capture to destruction.
  • Advanced Data Management: Utilizes metadata to manage, review, and enhance the value of your data, making it ready for re-use and facilitating reliable evidence-based medicine.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Through the WATCH+ add-on, neuronOS® captures data at the point of creation, enriches it with context, and maintains its integrity until archiving, even beyond GLP compliance.
  • Flexible and Future-Ready: Offers a variety of add-ons that enhance flexibility, collaboration, and compliance across decentralized architectures, promoting proactive regulatory vulnerability reduction.

Driving Innovation and Excellence: neuronOS® is engineered to leverage advanced analytics and enable artificial intelligence, increasing decision-making speed and accuracy in the pharmaceutical industry. It supports critical processes from drug discovery through to post-approval, enhancing every phase with data-driven insights and streamlined workflows.

Optimal Data Lifecycle Management: From capturing raw data on laboratory equipment to long-term archiving, neuronOS® manages complex data flows seamlessly. Each data element is managed with an expected and controlled lifetime, ensuring optimal access and integrity at every stage.

Connect the Dots in Life Science: Embrace the future of pharmaceutical development with neuronOS®. Our platform not only supports but drives excellence by interlinking standalone processes and enabling predictive analysis in clinical trials and regulatory submissions.

For more information, visit our website or contact us directly at Discover how neuronOS® can transform your data management strategy and help you navigate the complexities of pharmaceutical development with confidence and precision.