Case Study

Raw-Data Archiving in
a GLP context

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Exciting Developments in GxP Compliant Data Management with Biomedion

We are thrilled to introduce the latest case study from Biomedion, highlighting our advanced solutions in raw-data archiving compliant with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards. Our offerings ensure that data management not only meets but exceeds the rigorous demands of industry standards, ensuring long-term data accessibility, security, and integrity.

Case Study_Biomedion Case Study

Why is this important?

Overview of Our Services: At Biomedion, we provide cutting-edge technology and services that facilitate the secure storage and access of invaluable raw data. Our solutions are designed to support researchers in maintaining compliance with USFDA, EU Annex11, and OECD guidelines for data integrity and cGMP compliance. Our commitment to compliance is underpinned by our GxP Data Management platform, which aligns with the F.A.I.R model and helps ensure ALCOA+ compliance—preparing your organization for the strictest audits with ease.

Why Choose Biomedion?

  • End-to-End Data Integrity: Our neuronOS platform guarantees uncompromised inspection readiness and complete information lifecycle management.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Fully equipped to meet the FDA guidelines on data integrity and GDPR requirements, our systems ensure that your archived data remains accessible for audits and inspections.
  • Innovative Technology: The adoption of PACS and VNA systems for medical imaging demonstrates our commitment to evolving technologies that enhance data management processes, ensuring proper archiving and accessibility.

Addressing the Future: The life sciences sector is continually pressed to optimize data capture, review, and retention processes. Biomedion's neuronOS uses dynamic workflows that expedite these processes, thereby facilitating faster development of treatments and enhancing research efficiency.

Join us in embracing the future of data management in the life sciences sector. Trust Biomedion to safeguard your data and assist in navigating the complex landscape of GxP compliance efficiently.

For more information, visit us at Biomedion GmbH or contact our office at Kemperplatz 1 c/o WeWork, 10785 Berlin, Germany.